Welcome to HANIS Learning Centre

HANIS Learning Centre has come a long way. Started in March 1999 with 58 students, the centre continues to grow with an increasing number of students. All thanks to the support and encouragement given by both parents and students.

At HANIS Learning Centre, our main objective is to bring about total development in a child that covers emotional, spiritual and physical aspects. We believe in giving each child the opportunity to excel and express himself by nurturing him and letting him realise his personal potentials and capabilities at a young age.

HANIS Learning Centre is a private, co-educational centre for young children from age 3 to 6 years old.

” Education is not received. It is achieved. “

Our Mission

HANIS Learning Centre’s mission is to provide innovative, creative and fun learning environment for Muslim children. We want to be known as an educational centre that is consumer – oriented and effective. Also, our employees, the community and other stakeholders’ must see the centre as offering a number of valuable benefits to them.

Our Vision

HANIS Learning Centre is a very viable centre because it provides the upcoming Montessori Education at a very affordable prices. Another unique quality would be the important fact that there is a religious curriculum complimenting that of the academic learning.

By 2010, HANIS Learning Centre will be a highly visible centre in the North East region. We will have developed and marketed our unique services in the educational market, becoming a pioneer in the industry.